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Asda, La Moneda Reserva Malbec, Central Valley, Chile, 2015

La Moneda Reserva Malbec
Platinum - Best in Show: Best Red Single-Varietal under £15
85% Malbec, 15% Syrah
UPDATE FROM DECANTER: the sample tasted at the DWWA was from the lot number L15308U available to buy at Asda stores between 27th of Feb to the 4th of June 2016. This wine was shipped from Chile at the end of September and bottled in November 2015. 31,794 bottles were produced. Further shipment from the same original batch of wine were shipped and bottled under lot numbers L15308E, L15321D, L15352B, L15365C, L16054E, and L16055C between October 2015 and Feb 2016 - each LOT number producing approx. 31,800 bottles, all of which were available for sale up to the end of June 2016. The remaining wine from the original batch was stored in Chile until June 2016 and was shipped to the UK to be bottle as lot numbers L16202B, L16202A, L16209B, and L16209C at the end of July 2016. These lot numbers were available to purchase at Asda stores from the very end of July – through to beginning of October. This stock has now sold out. The wine available in ASDA today is no longer the Award Winning wine from the original award winning batch. All wine from the original award winning batch were shipped by standard dry container with flexi bag and bottled in UK. Wine from lot numbers L15308U and L16209C were analysed by an independent laboratory that is ISO 9001 certified. These analyses identified some differences between the lots. Wines can change during storage and shipping, in some cases prematurely ageing, which probably accounts for these differences seen between the 2 samples tested. UPDATED TASTING NOTE FROM DECANTER (tasted from batch L1620 9U – currently on sale) The sample currently selling is a correct wine but not a Gold winner and certainly not worthy of Platinum. Slightly baked on the nose and a lack of freshness. This sample is definitely not as fresh and floral as the sample tasted at the DWWA. While the palate is juicy and lifted, it is not as exciting as the DWWA sample and it has lost some of the vibrancy and floral tones you expect to see in a young Malbec at this price level. ORIGINAL TASTING NOTE (tasted from batch L 1530 8U – no longer available) Exciting nose of freshly crushed black fruit, creamy vanilla yoghurt and pepper spice. Succulent juicy berries on the palate supported by soft, well-managed tannins and an excellent freshness. Beautifully executed, full of energy with a great price point, an absolute crowd pleaser.
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