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Kartlis Valley, Qvevri Amber Kisi, Kakheti, Kakheti, Georgia, 2017

Qvevri Amber Kisi
Platinum - Best in Show: Best in Show
Natural Cork
100% Kisi
Of the two outstanding Georgian Qvevri wines to make it into this year’s DAWA top twenty, this Kisi-based amber wine is certainly the most characterful. The aromas combine freshness and rich, singular allusiveness as only skin-fermented whites can do: look out for autumn orchard fruits, windfall apples and a barley sugar tang as well as more savoury notes of cheese rind, milk curd and bread dough. You can see the legacy of the wine’s months with its skins and perhaps stems in the firmly structured tannins. The 13.2% of alcohol is perfect, bringing warmth and glycerol to balance the tannins. Great qvevri wines must always be based on fully ripe fruit, so the acidity levels are modest, while all those unusual but arresting aromatic notes come cascading back to fill out the palate with interest and intrigue. Definitely a food wine, too. NB this wine was previously known under "Kart-Valley".
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